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The story behind Minjin Seo and Piotr Pawlak, also PM Music Hub’s  Mission and  Vision.

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About Us

Minjin Seo
Piotr Pawlak

Minjin and Piotr, two professional musicians, met during their Master Studies at CUNY Queens College in New York City. They moved to Korea in late 2016, got married a year later and settled down in Yangsan, a city on the outskirts of Busan Metropolitan City. PM Music Hub founders are active performers and band leaders on the local and international music scene, as well as dedicated music educators, currently employed at Pai Chai University in Daejeon and with past academic experience at universities in Daegu (Degu Arts University) and Busan (Silla University, Dong-a University). They are constantly developing their performing skills and increasing their musical knowledge, in order to provide detailed music education and set the best example for their students. 

Piotr and Minjin (hence PM) are experienced live artists and band leaders. From their Yangsan location they travel anywhere in Korea and befre the global pandemic they were giving around 200 live concerts each year combined. Both of them are band leaders of their own individual projects (“The Gatsby Era”, “Jazz Blossom”, “The Art of Trio”, “Jazz 1959 Project”, “Bossa’N’Samba”),  together with 2 other friends work  on their joint project 4NowQuartet, record and perform as guests artists with other musicians.

Here, at their private music education center – PM Music Hub, we are open for any music question you may have. Feel free to give us a call at anytime to make an appointment, so we can explain to you in detail what studying, and consequently playing an instrument (or singing) is all about.


To educate and present all musical arts with the highest attention to details.

We strive to hire the best currently available faculty in order to assure the fastest growth of our students and  push them to the limits of their creativity.

We also aim to produce only the highest quality music for our audiences possible by selecting the right songs, hiring the right musicians and presenting it all as a story for everyone to enjoy.

To become an inspiring school of all musical arts for pre-college kids, and an international hub with various creative endeavors for our community. 

We, here at PM Music Hub, are aware that this ambitious vision will take some time to achieve.  Nevertheless we have no intention to give up. 

We imagine in the future an Art Complex, an Artistic Hub,  where all music arts can connect with people and businesses alike. We are inspired by the Lincoln Center in New York City and have envisioned our PM Music Hub as a smaller version of that wonderful place, which will include a school for pre-college kids and study center for young and old, performance and exhibition centers for various arts with on- and offline events, bookstore and cafes for people to socialize and exchange ideas. A truly inspiratory place.