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Music School Program

Program with a set 2-year-long curriculum for pre-college music students.

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Music School Program is a pre-college preparation course for students interested in pursuing a career in performing arts and therefore are preparing for nationwide or international college auditions in jazz and applied music.

Music School Program lasts for 2 full years and includes, along side the main instrument classes, additional minor instrument lessons, a theory group class and a practice group class with a: stepwise music theory education, ear training, music analysis, practice routine guidance and an ensemble performance.


Music School Program

For Whom

Instruments include: Vocal, Piano, Guitar, Bass, Drums.

Only a maximum of 6 students per semester.


A serious candidate who is just starting his or her own music education, without any previous music experience, can apply, however due to premium quality of the program the overall amount of students is restricted and limitations are imposed on each instrument. Every candidate has to pass an audition in their field of interest in order to qualify for the program. Only students with positive audition result will be accepted.

Age Limits

Age limit for a candidate student:

  • optimal: high-school 1st year (17 Korean age) or middle school 3rd year (16 Korean age)
  • minimum – middle-school 1st grade (14 Korean Age)
  • maximum – high-school 2nd grade (18 Korean Age)


A future student should be prepared for:

  • weekly participation (3.5h) in all classes
  • 10+ hours of weekly main instrument practice (minimum 2 hours a day 5 days a week)
  • 2.5+ hours of weekly of minor instrument practice (minimum 30 min a day 5 days a week)
  • written and practical weekly assignments form theory and practical classes
  • patience and perseverance

How Does it look like


The program runs for 2 years divided into 4 semesters
with 16 weeks of lessons in each semester.

Major Instrument

Nothing to add. Just simply put a weekly private 60 minute lesson with your designated teacher on your main instrument. During that time you will have a designed technical goals that have to be achieved in order to pass the examination, as well as individual assignments given to you you by your teacher.

Minor Instrument

A 30 minutes long minor class is provided for all students to help them look at music form a different perspective.
Minor class is divided as follows:
- For Vocal, Bass, Drum students - extra Piano class
- For Piano students - extra Drum class
- For Guitar students - extra Piano or Drum Class (to be chosen by the student)


At the end of the program each member has to select and prepare a song of his/her choosing and lead other band members in a performance opened for public.
PM Music Hub also organizes workshops with established musicians from other parts of Korea and even from another countries. When that happens we provide a Q&A meeting, a group workshop, a jam session or even can arrange a private lesson.


1st year curriculum includes:
- Theory of rhythm
- Ear training and transcription (1)
- Intervals, tirads and 4-note chords
- Scales and modes
- Basic progressions, cadences and turnarounds
2 year year curriculum includes:
- Music leadsheet creation in Sibelius
- Diatonic harmony and re-harmonization
- Advanced progressions and turnarounds
- Harmonic Analysis
- Ear training and transcription (2)


1st year curriculum includes:
- Practical rhythm training and syncopation
- Group practice of chords and scales in all keys
- Group practice of basic cadences and turnarounds
- Transcription performance
2 year year curriculum includes:
- Advanced scales, cadences and turnarounds
- The Blues and rhythm changes
- Major Popular styles and genres
- Ensemble Performance


- Each major and minor semester finishes with an technical exam
- Each semester of theory and practical classes finishes with a written and practical exam
- Individual (major and minor) and performance class exams are video recorded to avoid unfair judgment claims and and as a record of progress for the student
- All grades, videos and comments are presented to student's parents for their knowledge and evaluation.


Application Guide

Semester Schedule

PM Music Hub Music School Program general schedule information:

  • The program starts and finishes twice a year, in the Spring and in the Fall, similar to a regular school semester;
    first free Monday in March and September.
  • Auditions are held, depending on the amount of candidates 1 to 2 weeks before the start of the program, announced on the PM Music Hub Naver official blog site, and Instagram
  • The program runs for 2 years divided into 4 semesters, with 16 weeks of lessons in each semester.
  • Each semester has its own schedule tailored individually with a current year calendar and observing all national holidays,
  • Each semester examination together with graduation concert is not included in the education period of 16 weeks and takes place after the last lesson in the following week.
  • After each semester ends, the program enters a semester break (usually 2 months)
  • Winter break (Jan. & Feb.)
  • Sumer break (Jul. & Aug.)

Audition - What to prepare

Music School Program audition information:

  • Auditions take place on the day selected and announced online in advance; usually 1 week before semester starts, multiple days available (check the blog or Instagram for more details)
  • participation in the audition process is possible after scheduling time over our kakao friends profile (@pmmusichub) and balancing the audition fee 
  • Auditioning live is preferred, but due to specific circumstances discussed prior with core faculty the exam can be conducted online via KakaoTalk profile (@pmmusichub) or Zoom.
  • Piano, PA system, Microphones, Drums, Guitar and Bass amps are provided for the audition.
  • Audition material includes a short interview and presentation of current technical abilities on the instrument including scales, chords, rhythms and a song.


Audition fee - ₩20.000 (1 time fee)

One time payment of ₩20.000 to cover the cost of faculty participation in the audition examination. The more teachers listen the more objective it will be.

Program Tuition - ₩700.000 (1 month)
that is ₩50.000 (per 1 hour)

We are trying our best to make this program as adorable as possible. We decied to make it not more than ₩50.000 per class. This gives ₩700.000 per 4 weeks with 3.5h of weekly lessons and ₩2.800.000 per semester (4 months – 16 meetings) of the Music School Program.

Utilities fee - ₩50.000 (per 1 semester)

One time per semester fee that goes fully into students fund for printing and copying music and other documents at the location for free, as well as other educational utilities.   

Semester Break

Anybody who, in their life, tired to learn a foreign language knows it is not an easy task. Same goes for music, and performing. After long 4 months of consolidated curriculum students deserve to take a break. There will be no group classes provided during the semester break, however students are still encouraged to come to school, practice individually or in groups, form ensembles and take individual lessons with their respected teachers (with an additional fee).

So you graduated the program. What’s next?

  • If a student entered our school at the age of Korean 18, then he or she is probably going to attend a Music University starting the following year.
  • But if a student started at the optimum age of 16-17, or earlier, then he or she is encouraged:
    • to take an advanced pre-college program including more ensemble and arrangement classes, tailored to their chosen University – national or abroad (more details to be announced in 2022).
    • or continue to take only individual lessons with their respected teachers.

After Graduation



If a young music adept:

  • considers a career as a professional musician
  • is looking to attend a national or international music college
  • is determined to devote 2 years of his or her life for a serious music studies
  • want to study music following a well organized curriculum together with internationally educated teachers
  • want to create music with likeminded group of peers
  • is between Korean 14 to 18 years old (optimal 17)

Then feel free to sing up to the Music School Program at PM Music Hub