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Thank you for visiting our website. PM Music Hub is a private music school and live entertainment programming facility established by an international couple – Korean vocalist Minjin Seo and Polish drummer Piotr Pawlak. It is located in a newly rising city of Yangsan on the outskirts of a Metropolitan City and a Global Marine Hub – Busan, in South Korea.

Minjin and Piotr, together with all PM Music Hub faculty, are active live and studio performers. This, combined with Bachelor and Master Diplomas from National, American and European Universities, guarantees the highest quality of musical training. Explore each individual teacher, his education, performance experience, audio/video recordings and social media for more details.

PM Music Hub offers a verity of programs in popular music and jazz, for Vocal, Piano, Guitar, Bass and Drums. All classes are conducted on 1 to 1 basis and, depending on students level, divided into 3 categories – professional, hobby and junior. While professional curriculum is mostly fixed, hobby and junior curricula are adjusted to fit the needs and learning speed of each music student. Additionally for career seekers in music performance we have a 2-year-long Music School Program including major and minor instrument plus 2 group classes a week.

PM Music Hub provides also a guidance for anyone planning an event with live music. We specialize in instrumental and vocal entertainment starting with cozy duos and trios to full bands and jazz orchestra. PM Music Hub hires only professional musicians, audio and video engineers and is equip with high quality professional instruments and audio systems.

PM Music Hub is open 6 days a week for practice and lessons with Sundays and national holidays off. New students are encouraged to make an appointment before visiting. 

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At PM Music Hub we value quality over quantity. This implies not only to students enrolled in professional programs, but to hobby and junior participants alike. We do not employ music university students or recent fresh graduates. All our teachers hold bachelor and master degrees from renown universities from Korea, Europe and America and possess years of necessary teaching experience. This way we guarantee that every minute of your valuable lesson is spend on the highest quality music education possible.


At PM Music Hub we value experience. We believe that in order to teach performing arts, one has to be an experienced artist in their field of expertise. All our teachers are current active live stage performers and studio recording artists. They lead their own bands, write their own music, participate in studio recording sessions even release songs in their own name. For audio/video performance examples please refer to each individual teachers profile page, follow our Naver blog or Instagram account.


At PM Music Hub will value honesty. There are no shortcuts in learning an instrument. Without practice, even most qualified and experience teachers can't make you progress on your instrument. We will openly tell you the truth, and evaluate your music skills with complete honesty. Especially if you wish to choose music as a career path or if you are applying for an entrance exam for a university, we will not fill you with blind promises and will tell you straight which university you are capable to apply for.


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The PM Music Hub is located on a second floor in a cozy corner space with the sun-bright leisure area for meetings, snacking and coffee.

PM Music Hub has 6 practice booths and 3 of them have an acoustic upright piano. Other rooms are equipped with a drum set, bass guitars and a bass amp, classic guitars and a guitar amp and electric keyboards that can be freely moved between practice booths. 

PM Music Hub’s Drum Room has two drum-sets where our drum teacher can perform exercises together with the student. The room is is also used for a smaller ensemble class. 
Other classes are conducted in individual boots or in the bigger ensemble room. 

PM Music Hub’s ensemble room has a folding door as one of its walls, that can be fully opened and create a small elevated stage for performances or workshops. When open, the leisure area transforms into an audience space and can fit up to 25 people. Ensemble room is fully equipped, including upright piano, PA systems, guitar, bass amplifiers and a drum-set.  This is also where the group classes are taking place.

We, at the PM Music Hub, would like to make your practice efficient and comfortable. Therefore, in addition to green plants, cozy practice rooms and inspirational  pictures, we also provide a small kitchen for you to use, equipped with: coffee and tea stand, microwave, water purifier, water heater and fridge for your second lunch. Enjoy.

"I believe in things that are developed through hard work. I always like people who have developed long and hard, especially through introspection and a lot of dedication. I think what they arrive at is usually a much deeper and more beautiful thing than the person who seems to have that ability and fluidity from the beginning. I say this because it's a good message to give to young talents who feel as I used to."

Bill Evans

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