Music Education

Because there are many ways to accomplish your music goal.

Individual Programs

Individual programs are the core of the PM Music Hub education. Music enthusiasts and beginners can sign up for our hobby program. Serious career seekers should consider one of our professional program options (Single Major, Major&Minor , Music School Program). Lastly the PM Music Hub Junior Program is tailored for kids, staring as early as kindergarten up to middle school, that show an interest in music education.  

Music School Program

PM Music Hub offers a Music School Program for all kids and teens interested in pursuing a career in performing arts and are preparing for nationwide or international college auditions in applied and jazz music. Music School Program is a pre-college 2-years-long (4 semesters) curriculum that consists of two individual and two group classes a week for 16 weeks in a semester. This premium program is limited to only 6 students per term therefore each candidate needs to pass an audition held once each six months.


PM Music Hub have connections with established performers from all around Korea and form abroad. Those artists and educators are invited by us to give a concert, workshop and/or jam sessions, not only for our students, but for anybody interested in the event. Minjin and Piotr are also giving music history talks with music appreciation concerts for a small scale audiences. In this intimate setting performers can create a deep bond with their audiences which makes the presentation more meaningful and memorable. Due to Covid restrictions since the beginning 2020 we have restrained from those activities and will resume as soon as national restrictions are lifted and it is save for everyone to participate.