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PM Music Hub activates beyond the school building. 

Minjin and Piotr are not only well-rounded educators, but also vigorous performers and live-music content creators. Already during their abroad studies they lead own music projects, recorded albums and supported other bandleaders.

After moving to Korea, both of them not only passionately perform with other bands, but continue to lead their own projects. They actively support PM Music Hub teachers and other extraordinary musicians by providing music (lead sheets, arrangements, compositions), equipment and practice space, accordingly to the artist’s needs.

Here, in events tab, we are proud to feature projects lead either by Minjin or Piotr, and promote other bandleaders supported by the PM Music Hub.

Simultaneously we would like to use this opportunity to offer our services to any individual or company interested in having live music present at their event.  (more info bellow)

Upcoming concerts


12 MinJin Seo Jazz Blossom @남매 (7시), 부산 광안리

16 김준범 트리오 @게네랄 파우제 (8시), 부산 광복동

25 MinJin Seo Jazz Blossom @무사이 (7.30시), 부산 화명동


18 MinJin Seo: Jazz Blossom vol.4. @게네랄파우제 (8시), 부산 광복동


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PM Music Hub

Minjin Seo:

Minjin Seo, the Principal of PM Music Hub, formed her group back in 2015, during graduate studies in Jazz Performance at CUNY Queens College. She is currently leading two projects: one in Korea – “Jazz Blossom” and the other, International with Polish Musicians. Additionally is also involved in several smaller bands and singular projects.

Piotr Pawlak:

Piotr Pawlak, the Programming Director at PM Music Hub, formed his band in 2010 during his bachelor studies at the University of Music in Graz, Austria, and named it “Jazztet”, to honor the great Art Farmer / Benny Golson formation from 1960s. He then went on qualifying to the finals and winning awards at 3 the European Jazz Competitions. Already back then he was also an active performer and jazz jam-session leader. Currently he leads several projects under the name Piotr Pawlak Jazztet, including: The Gatsby Era, Jazz 1959 Project, Bossa’N’Samba and The Art of Trio, also serves as a main drummer for 하지림 band and regular drummer of 이효정 band, among many others.

Featured Artists:

PM Music Hub cares about the quality of live music that is why we help, not only our students in their first performing experience, but also established musicians and their acts by supporting them with our skills, music, equipment, and rehearsal space. Since the school opening in July 2019 PM Music Hub hosted:

  • a diverse number of rehearsals of various band leaders
  • jam sessions for our students and interested participants 
  • recording sessions for online covid-19 projects and online recitals
  • music workshops


4NowQuartet is a band that Minjn and Piotr created together with another married couple 임정원 (Bora) and 정이령 (L.J.). They met all together at CUNY Queens College during graduate studies and started performing. Fate brought them all to Busan where they created 4NowQuartet. This Band, in only 2 years between 2017 and 2019, have performed more than 100 times all around Korea. The 2020 Global Pandemic brought a stop to their steady stage appearances, as it did for all arts. Until recently, 4NowQuartet only recorded for live streamed online concerts or single songs, however with eased Covid restrictions they hope to come back to live performances. More on the official website.

포나우 퀄텟

Event Planning

Because we have a lot of experience in live concert performing, planning and organizing

our services

Music & Musicians

Providing the proper band size with excellent musicians and sophisticated music for celebration, wedding, event and concert.


Even if do not are in possession of any stage equipment PM Music Hub offers our own PA system, keyboards, amplification, cables and mixer to suit your needs.


We work together with audio engineers, videographers, and filmographies if you would like to document your celebration.