Study aboard prep.

For students interested in international studies.

The Founders of PM Music Hub met during their Master Studies at CUNY Queens College in New York (hence our logo). Additionally Piotr is an undergraduate from 2 European universities in Europe, one in Poland and one in Austria. Also the other members of our facility have an abroad study experience both in Europe and America. What does that mean?

To study abroad it takes what follows:

  • researching abroad universities (visa requirements, tuition fees etc.)

  • filling out and applying for selected university and corresponding student visa

  • successfully passing language exams and university entrance exams

  • moving to and living in foreign country (renting a place to live, opening a bank account and signing a phone contract, not to mention dealing with cultural shock)

  • studying in foreign language and interacting with international fellow peers

  • and of course graduating and adopting received education certification to national law upon arrival.

Piotr and Minjin did all that.

If you are our student, you already know that we encourage all of you to aim for the best university, both nationally and internationally, that fits your skills, interests and dreams.

However, studying abroad is a huge eye-opening experience, therefore PM Music Hub is open to help all candidates interested in international music studies. We provide help with it all: research, paper work, audition process and definite cultural shock. If you have any interest of music studies abroad both in classic and jazz departments please contact us so we can guide you not only musically, but also bureaucratically.

Extra Activities

Besides the Music School Program, and individual classes PM Music Hub occasionally does something extra.

(sadly most of them are postponed till 2022 due to Covid-19 National Restrictions)


Group and individual classes, Q&A and/or a performance of an established national and international artists.


Music appreciation classes for musicians and non-musicians alike. Explaining what is music, how music works within different countries, styles and genres, including with live music examples.

Concerts & Sessions

Small concerts and friendly jam sessions for students and adults to enjoy and participate in.


Study aboard consultations for dedicated students. Including everything that was mentioned above.

Pro Artists

Music Workshop

We want to give our students and interested listeners as many different music perspectives as possible. That is why, when PM Music Hub artists have a chance to work with wonderful national and international musicians, Piotr and Minjin will always try to arrange a school event with those established individuals.

This kind of events usually include a lecture on a selected by the artist topic and Question and Answer (Q&A) session for gathered participants.

For more practical guidance our students will have chance to perform either in front of the artist or with him/her, in a small ensemble, in order to receive a constructive assessment on their skills and performance.

If the interest is high we can also arrange a private lesson with featured artist regardless of the level of musical abilities of the student.

Pro Students


The ensemble room at the PM Music Hub, has a folding door as one of its walls, that while opened, can transform the room into an elevated stage for a small concert for our guests, jam sessions for musicians or presentation.

Performances, due to close proximity to the players, require barley any amplification. Full and raw sound of each instrument can be heard. This creates a feeling of a private concert tailored specifically for the gathered audience. Therefore concerts at PM Music Hub have a very intimate and casual feeling.

Performances can accompany other events like workshops mentioned above, or can be single standing events.

On the other hand music appreciation night is a combination of a lecture with an audio/video presentation and occasional live performance as well. Those meetings showcase an author, composer, musician or a record company or even a technology that had a significant influence on music in history.

Lastly “jam sessions” are casual meetings similar to open mics, where professional musicians come and play music together. Usually music that allows ones self expression on the instrument is performed, like various forms of jazz music, Brazilian music (bossa nova or samba), Latin music (rhumba, cha-cha or mambo), and some widely know songs from popular genres.

Want to know more?

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