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Ella Fitzgerald

The Complete Ella Fitzgerald Song Book

It’s a project where Minjin Jazz Blossom, a vocal jazz band lead by Minjin, presents “The Complete Ella Fitzgerald Song Books” one volume per concert. There are together 9 studio albums recorded by Ella Fitzgerald, where she introduces songs composed by only one composer, or by a composer-lyricist duo per album. In the same way Minjin selects, arrangers and produces each volume in a concert series entitled "The Ella Fitzgerald Songbooks". There has been 3 unique performances so far, 6 more are to be staged in the near future.

International Sextet

Korean - Polish Project

MinJin Seo International Sextet is an intercontinental jazz group which features musicians from the Republic of Korea and Poland. Organized by Korean Cultural Center in Poland, the “Kosmopolityczny” Project started in 2019 for the purpose of introducing more creative Korean-Polish music collaborations. Minjin Seo was the featured artist in the second edition of the "Kosmopolityczny" project in 2020, but due to the global pandemic Polish tour was canceled. In cooperation with the Jazz Po Polsku Foundation, Minjin with 2 Korean and 3 Polish musicians record 4 tracks online, to make up for the rescheduled tour. More events are coming in 2022.


exclusive music for exclusive moments

Although 4NowQuartet has its own tab and website, it is worth to be mentioned here, since Minjin is the irreplaceable front singer of the band, without whom the band can not perform. Since 2017 the Band already performed more than 120 times in all major Korean cities from Seoul to Busan.

Piotr PAWlak Jazztet

1) Bossa'N'SAmba
2) The Gatsby Era

Minjin is also a vital lead singer in 2 projects led by her husband, Piotr. "Bossa'N'Samba" is a Brazilian-music-only project where Minjin sings in two languages – English and Portuguese. The Gatsby Era project revolves around music written in 1920s and 1930s, that is during the time period called The Jazz Age.

Ella and Astor

The music story of Ella and Astor

At the end of 2020, in the middle of global pandemic, Minjin took a part in recording and performing an online concert for an eBook project organized by Art Bloomfield. Mind Growing Music Essay “The music story of Ella and Astor” (“엘라와 아스토르의 음악이야기”) is a storylike growth fairy tale available for sale online as an eBook (ISBN: 9791197242908).

Minjin and Friends

Duo, Trio, Quartet

Lastly, Minjin also leads projects just for the propose of pure joy of singing and having fun with friends. Selected music program consists of only her favorite songs and melodies.


The Rest

나맘(NaMam) - 위로, 치유적 음악여정 (Feat. 서민진)

[2015년 6월 발매] 스윗사운즈 Feat. 라큐 화인 서민진 스치면 바람